CCNA Training What Equipment Do You NeedMost people undertaking CCNA training set up a test bed environment to practice using Cisco kit (equipment) and help develop their skills.

This article lists three essential items you should aim to source, in order to set up your own lab environment that will aid in your CCNA training. While some might argue that you need multiple routers and switches to set up a true Cisco testing environment, a simpler infrastructure should suffice for the CCNA qualification. If you then decide to progress to more advanced Cisco certification, you may need more equipment.

Cisco Router

Buying a Cisco router needn’t mean looking for an up-to-date model and buying it brand new. An older model, purchased second-hand from eBay, will likely be sufficient. Just make sure that it runs the most recent version of Cisco’s IOS operating system and supports the protocols you need to learn about.

Cisco Switch

Again, this needn’t be brand new or up to date. Cisco’s Learning Forums can be a good source of information as to suitable models that will suffice for lab work.

Static IP Address

If you set your lab up at home, it’s best to arrange for at least one static IP address from your Internet service provide (ISP), so that you can simulate realistic office network environments.


What equipment did you purchase to help with your CCNA training? Share your experiences in the Comments below.  


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