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A Computer Maintenance Checklist – What Should You Include?

A Computer Maintenance Checklist What Should you IncludeEvery IT professional should have a computer maintenance checklist. This list should include things to be checked as a matter of course on every machine worked on.

Performing the activities on the list will only take you a few minutes, but this attention to detail will help prevent future problems. Here are three items that should be on your computer maintenance checklist:

  1. Are backups working? All computers should be backed up regularly, so spend a few minutes checking that this is happening. If a backup regime is automated, check the logs. If a backup requires user intervention, check that the user is following their instructions regularly. You will often find they are not.

  2. Is the computer secure? Checking that a computer is secure means checking for open ports, making sure Internet security software is up to date and licensed, and having a quick scan for malware. By doing this every time you service a computer, you can avoid being called back to deal with viruses and security breaches.

  3. Is the hard drive OK? Failed hard drives can result in tense and stressful call-outs for IT professionals, yet there is often early warning of an imminent failure. On Windows computers, you can check the system event logs for notification of bad hard disc blocks or RAID failures. It takes just seconds, so do it as a matter of course.


    What items do you consider essential on a computer maintenance checklist? Share your views in the Comments box below.  


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