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Computer Recycling – A Simple IT Business Idea

Computer Recycling A Simple IT Business IdeaOffering a computer recycling service can be a great way to boost your IT business.

When you visit customer sites, you’re probably used to seeing piles of old technology in dusty corners. By offering to take this off your client’s hands, you can establish a flow of redundant equipment that can form a lucrative extra stream of revenue. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Establish a way to securely erase old equipment. Old technology is likely to contain confidential business information. Indeed, this is often why companies store it away, as they are unsure how they should safely dispose of it. Plenty of software products exist that allow you to securely erase old data, so it cannot be restored by undeletion or unformatting software. Some of this software complies with government regulations for secure data disposal. Make a point of becoming familiar with an appropriate product, so you can offer secure data disposal as a service to clients.

  2. Find a market for redundant equipment. Once the old equipment has been securely wiped, there is nothing to stop you from selling it—either via eBay or to private clients. This is how you will profit from computer recycling.

  3. Establish how to charge. Whether you charge clients to wipe and remove equipment, or offer them a small sum for it, it will largely depend on the age of the technology and its resale value. Establish a pricing structure that ensures you cover your data disposal and transportation costs at the same time as making a healthy profit.

  4. Form a relationship with a recycling company. Inevitably, there will be some equipment with no real resale value. Removing the junk is the trade-off for obtaining profitable equipment. Plenty of recycling firms exist who will take this end-of-life equipment off your hands and dispose of it in an environmentally friendly way. Just make sure you budget to pay for their services.


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