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Remote Computer Support – Making it Work Every Time

Remote Computer Support Making it Work Every TimeIf you provide remote computer support, you are sure to have experienced times when the remote access software hasn’t behaved exactly as expected. Failing to quickly gain access to a computer in order to fix it results in frustration—both for you, and for the customer at the other end.

This article suggests three simple tips to help you improve your chances of success and efficiency when providing remote computer support.

  1. Have alternatives to hand. It’s always a good idea to have various remote access methods on hand, so that if one fails to work as expected, you can quickly employ an alternative. If, for example, you usually use VNC or Windows Remote Desktop, consider subscribing to a Web-based remote support tool as well to give yourself extra options.

  2. Learn the tools from a customer perspective. Make sure that you are completely familiar with the steps a customer has to take to provide you with access to a PC. Many remote support tools use Java or an Active-X control. Sometimes clients may need to click “open” or “run” to get the remote session started. If you know exactly what you need them to do, you can minimize how often clients tell you “it’s not working.”

  3. Hone your “traditional” support skills. Sometimes, if for example an Internet connection is down, you may have to revert back to old-fashioned telephone support skills. Work to ensure you can guide customers through procedures manually if need be. It often helps to work through the steps on your own PC as you go along, as it helps you tell customers exactly what they need to click on.


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