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MSP Software – Remoting in to Client Computers

MSP Software Remoting in to Client ComputersUsing good MSP software that allows you to remote in to a customer’s PCs and servers will save you considerable time and allow you to perform most of your duties without having to attend client sites.

You can achieve remote connectivity in a variety of ways. Some MSP software suites include remote access functionality alongside a host of other features. Many of these applications work by installing agents on all of the PCs you are responsible for.

Some IT consultants use inbuilt remote functionality such as Windows remote desktop, and VPN into a client network to gain access to PCs and servers. The final option is to use a dedicated remote access tool, which allows you to gain access to any computer with the user’s permission, often via a Java application or Active-X control.

You may find it best to use a combination of all three methods, but however you set up your remote access infrastructure, you should consider the following points.

  1. Do your tools allow you to perform support with minimal user intervention? After all, continually having to call the customer to request their assistance is frustrating and disruptive.

  2. Do your remote access tools work across various platforms? Not just Windows PCs and Macs, but perhaps mobile devices too.

  3. Are your tools stable, sufficiently encrypted, and in compliance with your client’s IT policies?

With a huge choice of remote access MSP software on the market, there’s no need to settle for products that don’t perform perfectly. If your remote access tools cause you frustration, it may be time to reinvestigate the software available.


What MSP software do you use for remote support? Share your tips in the Comments section below.  


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