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Promote Your Computer Consulting Services with Talks that Build Followers

Promote Your Computer Consulting Services with Talks that Build FollowersYou already know that branding your computer consulting services requires you to get out there and network, and make yourself visible. Maybe you’ve even taken the next step and signed up to speak at a conference. Bravo.

In an article, author Eric Holtzclaw suggests that you exploit your speech as an opportunity to establish your credibility. Holtzclaw, who runs the company User Insight and presents a weekly entrepreneur radio show, provides tips on how to show you are in command of your area of interest and able to handle potential client affairs with confidence. His tips include:

  • Be the host. Holtzclaw says to arrive early, get comfortable, and greet people as they enter. Pausing before you speak is another trick to establish your authority, and draw the room’s energy toward you and your speech

  • Find a connection. Tell some of your background to establish the credibility of your computer consulting services—why should they listen to you?

  • Deliver quality content. After you’ve told your audience about yourself, turn the focus of your speech to something that impacts them directly. Can you tell them something new? Can you offer ideas on how to improve their IT systems?


Speaking at conferences and seminars can be a great way to get free publicity for your computer consulting services. Share your own tips on wowing the crowds in the Comments section below.  


And to follow-through on the tips introduced in this short article, be sure to download your free copy of the special report on How to Start a Computer Consulting Business: 6 Proven Ways to Build Your Initial Client Base

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