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5 Software Solution Companies Making a Splash

5 Software Solution Companies Making a SplashLooking at the Inc. 5000 listing for 2012, it’s certainly interesting to see which software solution companies are making the biggest splash in the marketplace now.

Taking the top five software solution providers by 3-year % growth, the list you come up with is:

#1 Acquia of Burlington, MA

This company won this category by a country mile with outstanding growth of 10,461% over the past 3 years. They provide a wide range of services and solutions specializing in Drupal.

#2 Elemental Technologies of Portland, OR

Their 3-year growth stands at 4,518%. They’ve taken the video processing industry by storm, providing solutions to some of the biggest live streaming stations out there. Not bad for a company that was only formed in 2006.

#3 Bottle Rocket Apps of Dallas, TX

They are hot on the heels of #2 at 4,064% over the past 3 years. They were formed in 2008 and provide custom mobile apps. They service some of the biggest media outlets and brands in the world.

#4 Spigit of Pleasanton, CA

Another young company, they appeared in the marketplace in 2007. They’ve seen amazing success as a provider of solutions that enable brands to connect their employees, customers, and partners for ideation, engagement, reputation enhancement, and innovation. They’re most famous for their innovative use of gaming mechanics within their solutions.

#5 Rocket Lawyer of San Francisco, CA

They also formed in 2007. Their solution is an online membership platform that provides legal services and documentation to the small business community. They make legal services accessible at an amazing price. Their profits have rocketed to $14.2 million from $377,000 in 2008.

Why should you look at these business models? Well, we are in such a rapidly changing social, economic, and technological environment that it’s important for you to think outside the box when you’re trying to decide what sort of software solution company to build.

We’re moving away from traditional business models, and new types of software solution companies are springing up every year. Maybe one of these five companies will inspire you to run with the idea that you’ve had in the back of your mind for a while. 


Whom do you rate as top software solutions companies? Share their details and your reasoning with us in the Comments section.  


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