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The Top 5 IT Support Business Blog Posts of 2012

The Top 5 IT Support Business Blog Posts of 2012As 2012 begins to drawn to a close, it’s interesting to look back on the year and review which IT support business blog posts were most popular with readers.

This list of popular posts shows that people are keen to seek inspirational ideas for IT support businesses, and to check that they are following the right steps when opening their companies to the public.

Choosing a Computer Business Name

Choosing the right name for your computer business is difficult; after all, it’s hard to distill an approach and ethos down to a few words, and often all the good names seem to have been snapped up. This popular article provides some good tips for coming up with an effective business name.

How to Start a Computer Repair Business (The "Baby" Steps)

Sometimes the best way to gain clarity of thought is to go right back to basics. This article discusses the sensible first steps of beginning an IT support business, focusing on matters such as market research, service scoping, and sales strategies.

3 Unusual Computer Business Ideas

A professional career in computing needn’t be all about traditional IT support. This popular article suggests a few slightly different technical business ideas, including asset disposal and eco-friendly IT.

How to Start a Computer Repair Business from Home

Basing your IT business at home is a great way to save on office costs and utility bills. You may also find that locating work at home saves you travel time and hassle. Just make sure you have the necessary permissions and insurances!

How to Become an IT Consultant - The First Five Steps

In this, another popular back-to-basics article, we discuss how to set up as an IT consultant. The article covers deciding a specialty, organizing training, and the practicalities of working capital and business administration.


Which blog posts have helped you most with your IT support business this year? Share your Comments below.  


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