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Small Business IT – Typical Client Priorities

Small Business IT Typical Client PrioritiesIf you work in small business IT, how often do you take time to think about things from a client’s perspective? This article focuses on the typical priorities that small and medium companies usually have when it comes to their IT. By thinking about what your customers want, you can make sure you’re focusing on pleasing them—which should result in happier clients and more revenue.

Here are four essential small business IT priorities:

  1. Predictable Costs. Small businesses usually have appropriately small budgets. Unexpected large invoices can play havoc with their cash flow, so you are sure to keep them happy if your costs are consistent and predictable.

  2. Long-Lasting Systems. If you’ve worked in IT for large companies, you may have become used to 3-year technology refresh cycles. Small businesses may not have the budget for this, so make sure you have a clear idea of how long your clients expect new systems to last.

  3. Remote Working Facilities. Small business owners rarely switch off at 5pm—they’re more likely to live and breathe their businesses. As such, they are sure to expect the ability to work effectively from any location.

  4. Minimal Interruption. Small businesses have to make full use of all their staff resources, so they will need their IT to work quietly and seamlessly. Expect short shrift (little or no attention) from clients if your presence is disruptive, or if systems work inconsistently.



    What do you feel are the main client priorities in small business IT? Share your views in the Comments box below.  


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