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SP Home Run Weekly Update Newsletter - December 31, 2012

SP Home Run Weekly Update Newsletter

December 31, 2012

Happy New Year! Best Wishes for a Safe, Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous 2013

How to Market IT Services on the Internet Locally

How to Market IT Services on the Internet LocallyBuilding up a local presence is key to growing your business. It’s not too difficult to get started in person offline by getting involved in local business groups, community groups, and by using traditional marketing methods. But marketing IT services locally on the Internet can be a little trickier. Here are three steps to get you started.

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4 Ways Cloud Marketing is Old Hat -- and 4 Ways It Isn't

Cloud services are part of the IT revolution. No more systems on site, no more tape data backups, no more massive headaches. The promise of cloud computing is far-reaching. However, the advantages still have to be successfully communicated to clients willing to buy them.

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7 IT Sales Secrets for Attracting High-Lifetime-Value Clients (White Paper)

Close more IT sales faster with seven simple steps (pages 3-5). Dramatically boost your closing rate while simultaneously improving your company's liquidity (pages 5-6). Virtually eliminate payment risks that can interfere with your compensation (pages 8-10). Plus discover five key steps for closing more recurring revenue sales faster and with higher margins (pages 12-14).

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A PC Repair Flyer That Customers Want to Look At (Screencast)

PC repair flyers can end up in a lot of different places. Some get posted on notice boards, others get filed, and many get trashed. What you really want is for customers to seek out your flyer on a regular basis, and make the connection between their PC repair needs and your services. Learn these three tips that get you better results.

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5 Computer Repair Companies Rocking It on LinkedIn

Our social media guru Kittie Walker thought it would be interesting to run a company search on LinkedIn to find out which computer repair companies are rocking the search results. Here are the top five small companies (1-10 employees or sole proprietor) that appear on the front page of the search results for computer repair globally:

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Cloud Computing Sales -- Think Outside the Box

What makes a company great at cloud computing sales? It might seem like some companies have a gift for making sales, that they are just innately better at it than you are, but that is simply not the case.

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Top 5 Managed IT Services Blog Posts of 2012

2012 has been a busy and interesting year in the world of managed IT services, with plenty of exciting technical developments. However, the basics of providing services, pricing them correctly, and keeping clients happy changes little from year to year.

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A Computer Maintenance Checklist -- What Should You Include? (Screencast)

Every IT professional should have a computer maintenance checklist, which includes things to be checked as a matter of course on every machine worked on.

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Top 5 Channel Partner Program Blog Posts of 2012

During 2012 we looked at many small business partner programs, and provided information about the latest options and updates. Learn which five posts you viewed more than any others.

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Hiring Computer Repair Technicians -- Choosing the Right Staff (Screencast)

If you're looking for computer repair technicians to staff your IT business, make sure you find people who are truly up to the job. This article makes some helpful suggestions to help you ensure that you staff your business with high-caliber personnel.

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Computer Recycling -- A Simple IT Business Idea (Screencast)

Ready to go green in 2013? Offering a computer recycling service can be a great way to boost your IT business. When you visit customer sites, you're probably used to seeing piles of old technology in dusty corners. By offering to take this off your client’s hands, great things can happen. Here are four steps to get started.

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