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Top 5 IT Marketing Blog Posts of 2012

Top 5 IT Marketing Blog Posts of 2012What did the most read blog posts for 2012 in the IT marketing section indicate? For the most part, it was a desire to get back to basics. Even if tips on marketing cloud services featured in the top five posts, it was still from a point of view of pricing—another one of the basics that solution providers have to get right, whatever they’re selling.

Number 5: 5 Computer Repair Flyer Template Customization Tips

The KISS principle (Keep It Simple, Stoopid!) was a continuing theme in 2012. Templates conform to this principle. Just add a good slogan, specific customer “what’s in it for me,” and your contact details, then go market.

Number 4: 4 Steps for Your Computer Repair Ads to Leverage Guerrilla Marketing

Guerilla tactics are simple as well, although they also have the advantages of being both different and effective. Concentrating on existing customers helps keep complexity down too.

Number 3: 3 Managed Services Marketing Strategies for Cloud Services Pricing

Simple as 1-2-3. What’s the price? Compare cost-based, competitor-based, and value-based approaches. Turn the handle to get the answer.

Number 2: Computer Repair Flyer Gets New Life from QR Codes

The computer repair flyer is dead. No, wait, long live the computer repair flyer! Different technology, but still answering the same needs for the same customers.

Number 1: Your PC Repair Flyer Looks Great, But Can You Distribute It?

The most popular post, this one dealt with rules and regulations about what you can and cannot do in IT marketing. Ask for forgiveness after if you must, but better still, always ask for permission before. Simple, right? 


What distractions did you have to deal with in 2012 in order to concentrate on business essentials? Use the Comments section to tell us about your reseller experience over the last 12 months.  


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