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Running an IT Consulting Contract - Holding a Strategy Meeting

Running an IT Consulting Contract Holding a Strategy MeetingIf you really want to make the most of running an IT consulting contract, holding a regular strategy meeting is a great idea.

Periodically getting together with the “powers that be” at each client site gives you a chance to discuss any IT issues, and create an opportunity to agree to extra consultancy work. This article gives you a simple four-step plan for an IT consulting contract strategy meeting:

  1. Request feedback. Start by asking the client for feedback on your own performance. Check that they think you are working professionally, and that calls are being actioned to your satisfaction. This is your client’s chance to talk—so listen and take their points on board.

  2. Raise any issues. Clients may well be unaware of technical issues, both current and impending. The strategy meeting is your chance to tell customers things that must be done. If, for example, a server will soon need replacing, it’s good to warn clients far in advance, and plan it further in each subsequent meeting.

  3. Agree on action points and budgets. Try to agree on a clear way forward to deal with all of the issues raised in the meeting. It’s best to leave the meeting with actions agreed and clear.

  4. Produce and provide minutes. Straight after the meeting, produce detailed written minutes, complete with the agreed action points. This provides a valuable paper trail, and ensures everyone has clear expectations.


Do you have strategy meetings for each IT consulting contract? Share your experiences in the Comments section below.   


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