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Top 3 IT Marketing Predictions for 2013

Top 3 IT Marketing Predictions for 2013With all the options available to resellers and solutions providers today, it will be crucial not to lose sight of the basics in 2013—like knowing what customers want and differentiating positively from the competition. Nonetheless, here are three other major trends likely to affect IT marketing over the year. The potential for each is considerable, even if getting results will take further planning and application.

1. Mobile Marketing

From a consumer base, mobile marketing is now becoming increasingly relevant in the SMB market. Smartphone screens already make the mini mobile marketing flyer a possibility. QR codes read by a smartphone camera and app open up a host of marketing possibilities, including triggering web connections, text messages, and phone calls.

2. Social Network Marketing

As in mobile marketing, social network marketing is expanding beyond its original consumer audience. Statistics show that while social media are already used by 50% of all adults, SMBs are catching up with business use: 27% use Facebook, 18% use LinkedIn, and 7% use Twitter. Facebook now has its business pages as a result.

3. Cloud Marketing

The cloud enables social media marketing, but also any marketing via other information stored in systems about a particular business and its interactions with its market. The power and scalability of the cloud from zero to no limit is available to big and small resellers alike. A first IT marketing step in 2013 could be to bring together different point solutions and tools to create a cohesive marketing activity that includes locating the data, analyzing it, and leveraging the results.


Did you ever try to run with your IT marketing before learning to walk? What happened? We’d love to hear your war stories, so please make use of the Comments section below.  


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