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Top 5 IT Sales Strategies Blog Posts of 2012

Top 5 IT Sales Strategies Blog Posts of 2012How did sales go for you in 2012? Did you meet your targets and get ahead of the game? With such fierce competition out there, it's important to keep reviewing and tweaking your IT sales strategies.

These are my five most popular posts for 2012 on this topic, and I can see why. Social media, relationship marketing, and the never-ending email marketing debate are all hot topics. Take a look at them; the content is all relevant and will help you gain an advantage on the competition in 2013.

5 IT Sales Strategies for Using LinkedIn to Help Your Sales Process

LinkedIn is one of my favorite social media platforms. It also concentrates on the market you're in B2B. There’s absolutely no excuse for not using it. Some of the uses in this article may well surprise you, so dive on in and get tweaking.

IT Consulting Sales is All About Relationship Selling

Yes, you're in B2B sales, but irrespective of that, you are still selling to a person. People do not like being sold at, which means that you need to adopt something other than a brash sell, sell, sell approach. This is where relationship marketing/sales comes in. In this article, I walk you through what it means to your business to move away from transactional-oriented sales.

Selling IT Solutions by Using Social Media the Right Way

Getting the hang of the etiquette for selling via social media can be tricky! In fact, you very rarely overtly sell anything on social media. Check out this post for the most important dos and don'ts.

IT Sales Strategy: 5 Twitter Tips that Attract Great Customers

A more in-depth look into how to use Twitter effectively as part of your social media campaign. With Twitter, the stream moves so fast that it's easy to miss opportunities to start conversations. This post will make sure that you're set up not to miss a thing!

Technology Sales: 5 Tips to Increase Your E-mail Delivery and Open Rates

E-mail is not dead. It never has been, and it’s unlikely to be for the short term at least. You need to be building a list, and you need to make sure that any e-mails delivered to that list have the highest chance of being delivered and opened.

The above are all going to be important factors in your IT sales strategies in 2013. If you haven't read them before take a little time to do so now. You'll find a variety of tips that you can use immediately that'll get your business off to a flying start for the New Year.  


What new IT sales strategies are you thinking of using for your business for 2013? Share your ideas with us in the Comments section.  


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