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Computer Franchises – How Much Money Do You Need?

Computer Franchises How Much Money Do you NeedIf you are looking into the wide range of computer franchises on offer, you are probably keen to get an idea of how much capital you need to get started.

Free Options

Computer franchises vary hugely. Some IT support networks, such as Rescue Geeks, charge no franchise fees at all, and effectively outsource work to their franchise partners. Free options such as these may be attractive if you have limited start-up cash, but may restrict you in terms of the services you can provide.

Traditional Franchises

Traditional computer franchises require franchisees to pay various fees to get involved. As an example, Team Logic IT in the US requires an up-front investment of $40,000 as a franchise fee and up to $60,000 more in equipment fees and working capital. Clearly, a franchise opportunity of this nature is limited to those with far more to invest.


Not all traditional franchises require quite so much capital. Fast-Teks’ franchise fee is $27,250 with an approximate working capital requirement of $20,000.


The quality of franchises varies as much as the costs associated with them. It’s essential to do your homework. If you’re interested in a franchise, embark on some detailed due diligence and check their reputation. If you’re investing in a business opportunity, you need to make sure every penny of the costs justifies setting up as a franchise rather than going it alone.


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