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Where Can Computer Technicians Go For Technical Help?

Where Can Computer Technicians Go For Technical HelpEven computer technicians get stuck sometimes! If you work in IT, you’re sure to have experienced plenty of moments when you’re really not sure what to do next in tackling a problem.

The usual course of action is to head straight for Google, and usually a combination of technical forums and manufacturer’s websites will deliver a solution. But what happens when you’re still unsure? This article suggests three places where computer technicians can go when they are desperate for some technical assistance.

  1. Membership Forums. The problem with using unmoderated forums for technical advice is the abundance of misinformation in amongst the genuine solutions. Paying a nominal fee for a membership-based forum helps you ensure that you are getting advice from fellow experts. Sites like Experts Exchange allow members to earn points by helping others, and an “accepted solution” system means that you can focus on fixes that other members have confirmed as correct.


  2. Partner Schemes. Partner schemes, including the various Microsoft partnership options, put you in easy reach of the kind of expert support that cannot be accessed by the public. As well as giving you access to private forums which are often staffed by experts, partnership schemes often provide telephone support that you can utilize in serious, “server down” situations—giving you a chance to offload some of the stress.

  3. Private Support Networks. Hopefully you have some technical friends you can turn to when you’re truly stuck? It’s wise to cultivate a small personal network of computer technicians with whom you can discuss problems and solutions.

Make sure you give back to the group. For example, if you uncover a problem you think will affect others in the near future, send out a quick e-mail. That way, you needn’t feel guilty when you call someone for help in a future state of panic!


Where do you go for technical help when you’re stuck? Do you chat with other computer technicians? Share your methods in the Comments section below


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