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IT Consulting Jobs – Three Places To Find Them

IT Consulting Jobs Three Places To Find ThemIf you’re on the lookout for IT consulting jobs, there are plenty of reliable ways to find them. This article presents three of the best:

  1. Online. Your Web browser is a great place to start your search for IT consulting jobs. You will find plenty of job boards that specialize in technical roles, but be aware that many contract posts are advertised via recruitment agencies. It’s sometimes worth spending extra time looking for roles advertised directly by employers, in order to “cut out the middle man.” It’s wise to also consider looking at freelance job sites such as Elance and oDesk, where there are thousands of new assignments posted every day. These sites can, however, be home to many employers looking to pay the absolute minimum for assistance—so be selective.

  2. Networking Groups. Local networking groups exist all over the world with the aim of connecting professionals. Becoming a regular fixture at one of these groups will result in you coming face to face with numerous company owners, and news of IT consulting jobs will undoubtedly follow. Don’t forget the Internet as a place to network either. By being active on a site like LinkedIn, you can stay in touch with trusted associates who may bring you news of potential work.


  3. Direct Approaches. Few people enjoy “cold calling” but it can deliver results. If, for example, you see a local advertisement for an IT position, you could try to contact the company directly and suggest completing the work on a consultancy basis. You could also think about an e-mail campaign to local businesses, advertising your services.


How do you find new IT consulting jobs? Share your methods in the Comments box below.


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