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IT Business Solutions - A Fantastic Market to Tap Into

IT Business Solutions A Fantastic Market to Tap IntoThe demand for IT business solutions is only going to grow. It’s a fast-paced marketplace with solutions releasing on a daily basis. This can be overwhelming for small businesses. They tend to lurch from one solution to another constantly trying to seek out that IDEAL solution.


That is such a waste of resources for the average small business, and this is where you come in. As a technology expert, you can reach out to that marketplace and share your expertise. You can offer consulting on these types of IT business solutions as a standalone business or as an additional revenue stream for your already existing IT business.

Your Core Set

What you’ll need is a toolbox of go-to solutions. They won’t fit every situation that you come across, but it’s important to have a core set of IT business solutions that you know inside out. Look at your niche and have three or four end-to-end solutions that will work across a variety of business cultures, business models, and across technology platforms.

Familiarizing yourself with these solutions and keeping up to date on their evolution and innovative uses is crucial to keeping yourself ahead of the pack. Once you have this set of core solutions you can build your marketing collateral around it—whitepapers, case studies, visualizations, blog posts, newsletters, and so on.

Virtual CIO

Many small businesses don’t have a technology roadmap or a strategy in place. Providing this service brings real value to their business. Small businesses waste a shocking amount of money on software solutions that they purchase, but never use. You can help them to break this cycle and think more strategically about their IT business solutions by positioning yourself as a virtual CIO/CTO. 


Are you looking to branch out into selling IT business solutions? Let us know your thoughts on how you’re going to approach it in the Comments section


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