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Investing in a Computer Franchise – Four Things to Remember

Investing in a Computer Franchise Four Things to RememberIf you’re considering getting involved with a computer franchise, it’s important to do some detailed "due diligence." This article presents you with four things you must do to ensure your investment is a sound choice.

  1. Research the franchise. Perform plenty of Web searches for the franchise that interests you and read everything you can find. A forum or blog post several pages down Google’s search results could reveal information that affects your decision.

  2. Ask plenty of questions. Don’t be afraid to spend a huge amount of time asking questions. After all, the franchise operator will profit from your investment, so you should expect to spend time allaying any concerns. If a franchise operator is reluctant to answer your questions, this should ring an alarm bell.

  3. Seek legal advice. Always ensure you have a legal representative looking after your interests exclusively. This does NOT mean a legal representative recommended by the franchise operator! Legal advice is not cheap, but nor is investing in the wrong opportunity.


  4. Consult an accountant. Accountancy advice is as important as legal help. Once you’ve put together some figures detailing your franchise investment and expected return, consult an accountant and request that they check your calculations and assumptions. It’s likely they will lead you to think of factors you haven’t considered.


Are you planning to invest in a computer franchise? Share your plans in the Comments box below.  


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