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Onsite IT Management – How to Stay on Good Terms

Onsite IT Management How to Stay on Good TermsIf you’re an IT consultant, there will be times when you have to work alongside a company’s internal IT management team. Sometimes, relationships between on-site IT management teams and support providers are fraught with difficulty. This article presents four simple ways to remain on good terms, and ensure a productive working relationship.

  1. Remember who’s boss. The number one thing to remember is that the on-site IT management team is, essentially, the client. This will sometimes mean keeping quiet when you disagree with something. You must also remember to keep smiling, remaining professional and customer-focused even when things aren’t going well.

  2. Be assertive. It is sometimes hard to balance assertiveness with the need to keep the customer happy, but do remember that you are working as a consultant, and that the client is therefore paying for your advice. Don’t be afraid to speak up—but do it in the right way!


  3. Document everything. Make sure you maintain good documentation for all the work you do. Take minutes at meetings to note key decisions. If something goes wrong in the future you must be able to “back your corner.”

  4. Use research to support your advice. When you provide advice to customers, make use of research materials and web links to support your advice. Clients usually won’t argue when you present them with the facts in black and white, and if they do, you will at least be able to prove you provided the correct guidance.


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