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The Perfect IT Helpdesk – What Customers Want

The Perfect IT Helpdesk What Customers WantIf you want to run the perfect IT helpdesk for your customers, you need to “step into their shoes” and think about exactly what they want from the service. Here are three useful pointers:

  1. People like to be remembered. There’s little that infuriates clients more than calling an IT helpdesk, only to have to go over their problem more than once. People like the helpdesk to remember them personally and not treat them as nothing but a call reference number. You can enhance this personal touch by maintaining small teams or working on effective call routing.

  2. Users want their problems solved fast. A call to the IT helpdesk is always an unwelcome distraction for a worker—after all, people use their work computers to do their work! Invariably, users would prefer that you remote in, quickly fix their problem, and disappear. Superfluous chat should be kept to a minimum.


  3. Users want permanent fixes. IT helpdesk staff must always check that their fixes work—this could mean sending a series of test e-mails after resolving a messaging problem, or checking that a fix still works following a reboot. Users will respect this dedication to detail and be far less likely to call back with the same issue the following day.


What do you think is essential to run a perfect IT helpdesk? Share your views in the Comments box below. 


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