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The Art of Phone Tech Support – Some Useful Hints

The Art of Phone Tech Support Some Useful HintsAnyone can try to provide phone tech support, but there is a true art to doing it well.

Even in an age where most IT support departments can get remote access to customer computers, phone tech support sometimes proves necessary—especially during those inevitable times when the user is struggling to establish the remote connection.

Here are a few basic tips to help you provide quality tech support by phone:

  1. Be Patient. Remember that you work in IT and are therefore far faster at navigating a computer operating system than the average layman. Provide clear, simple steps and don’t go racing ahead of the customer.

  2. Mirror Customer Actions. Regardless of how many times you may have performed a procedure, it is helpful to run through it on your own screen as you go along. This will ensure you use exactly the right wording when telling users to click on certain things.


  3. Learn OS Differences. Different operating system revisions often move around certain menus and options. Ensure you stay up to date with this, and perhaps consider installing virtual instances of alternative operating systems so you have access to everything your customers may be using.

  4. Use Locational References. “Click the ‘OK’ button” is a far less specific instruction than “Click the ‘OK’ button in the bottom right.” Help users find what they’re looking for.


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