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5 Cool Computer Related Business Ideas

5 Cool Computer Related Business Ideas

You can follow your passion for IT and combine it with other skills or interests you have.  By starting up your new IT business in this way, you get the unique opportunity to play to your strengths and interests.  Here are five computer related business ideas to get those creative juices flowing. I’m sure you can think of more:

App Developer

Smartphone and tablet adoption rates are on the rise. It looks like there’s no turning back and that mobile devices will dominate the marketplace in a few years. You can build apps for almost any purpose using a variety of platforms. There’s no better time to get started with this one.

Internet Café Owner

Are you a foodie that loves IT? Why not combine the two and provide your customers with food, drink, an Internet connection and access to equipment? You could also hire out the venue in the evening or on the weekends to local blogging groups, social media, or tech meet ups. It’s becoming common to blend the online world with offline events.

IT Tutor

If you have IT experience there are plenty of openings at local colleges for tutors, but you might prefer to go it alone and set up your own IT training business. It’s a solid computer related business idea that lends itself to a variety of niches. There’s also scope to expand in various directions including online courses.

Technical Writer / Tech Journalist

This is a harder one to break into and make a decent living. But if you love words, have a talent for using them and are good at converting complex ideas into easy to understand pieces of writing, then you’re starting from a good place.

Designer / Front End Developer

If you have a flair for art, design, and a grasp of user experience needs, this might be the role for you. This gives you the opportunity to start as a freelancer and then ramp it up to become a small independent studio.

There are lots of opportunities to explore, many of which can be done on a part-time basis alongside a full-time job until you’re confident and comfortable enough to strike out on your own.


What computer related business ideas do you want to try out? Share your thoughts and ideas in the Comments section


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