As recently as a few years ago, becoming a desktop PC builder and making custom PCs for clients was a popular business idea for computer enthusiasts.

This article discusses whether there’s still a market for the desktop PC builder nowadays.

Several things have changed in the IT industry in recent years, in particular:

  1. Many people now use tablet devices for tasks like email and Web browsing, whereas before, they would have used a desktop PC or laptop.

  2. A lot of data is now stored in the cloud, providing an alternative to bulky desktop PCs with high-capacity hard drives.

  3. Many individuals now spend a significant amount of their gaming time on smartphones and tablets, making PC gaming more of an enthusiast pursuit.

With all this in mind, it’s fair to say that the potential market for the desktop PC builder is dwindling. Many hobbyists and gamers still favor custom PCs, but, as often as not, they probably enjoy building them personally.

So, should you put off being a desktop PC builder? Not necessarily. There will always be people who want custom PCs for certain things, such as home automation and media storage, and some will also want high-powered gaming rigs but have no desire to build them themselves.

However, it’s probably unwise to focus a business plan solely around being a desktop PC builder. It makes far more sense to offer custom PC builds as just one of a varied portfolio of services, diversifying both your business model and your streams of income.


Are you a desktop PC builder? Is there still demand for your services? Share your views in the Comments box below


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