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Your Computer Service Invoice – How to Get Paid Quickly

Your Computer Service Invoice How to Get Paid QuicklyWhen you issue a computer service invoice, you’re sure to want your customer to pay it promptly. This article suggests some basic tactics to speed up customer payment and improve your cash flow.

  1. Make payment terms clear. Ensure you clearly state your payment terms on every computer service invoice. You’re under no obligation to provide credit to your customers.

  2. Consider asking for instant payment. If you visit customer sites to carry out work, you could consider requesting payment on the spot, though you will need a way to produce invoices while you are on site. If you build a payment model around this, you could consider a mobile payment terminal allowing you to take credit card payments.


  3. Tread carefully around new customers. Don’t be afraid to be strict with new customers – they are always an unknown quantity and it’s inevitable that some will turn out as late or inconsistent payers. Protect yourself by asking for upfront deposits on big projects.

  4. Make every computer service invoice clear. Make sure that every invoice goes into clear detail about exactly what work was performed. This will minimize invoicing disputes and the last minute queries that some customers will use as an excuse for delayed payment.

  5. Chase promptly and regularly. Make sure you are consistent in your credit control tactics. Implement reminder systems so that if, for example, you offer 30-day payment terms, you are sure to follow up as soon as an invoice is outstanding for that period.  Regular customers will soon learn that you’re too efficient to stand for late payment.

Steady cash flow is the lifeblood of a successful business. The above suggestions should help you get every computer service invoice paid promptly and minimize your day-to-day financial stresses.


What do you do to get your computer service invoice paid promptly? Share your thoughts in the Comments section below. 


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