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The Perfect Computer Invoice Template – What to Include

The Perfect Computer Invoice Template What to IncludeIf you’re trying to design the perfect computer invoice template, this article should prove helpful. Putting some thought into how your invoices are constructed has many benefits, which include emphasizing your legal position on certain issues, and providing space to note details of the work you’ve carried out which should, hopefully, encourage your customers to pay promptly.

Here are five things you should include on every computer invoice template:

  1. Payment Terms - Whether your terms are 15-days, 30-days or “payment by return,” these should be stated, clear and bold, so there’s no room for any misunderstandings!

  2. Payment Methods - Don’t give your customers any excuse to delay payment! Make sure all the ways customers can pay, i.e. checks or bank transfers, are made very clear and, of course, that the details are correct.


  3. Legal Information - “Legal information” could mean many things, ranging from a disclaimer relating to any future system problems after a job is signed off, to a statement making it clear that any supplied equipment remains your property until payment is received in full. Consult a legal specialist if you are unsure of what you can state on your computer invoice template.

  4. Space for Job Information - The more detail you provide as to exactly what you’re invoicing for, the less you will invite queries and late payments. Always be clear on dates, times and activities carried out – this results in fewer invoicing disputes.

  5. Discounts - If you have given customers any kind of discount, i.e. complementary consultancy hours or a percentage reduction, make sure you emphasize it on your invoice. It does no harm to remind clients when you’re giving them special treatment.


Is there anything else you think should be included in the perfect computer invoice template? Share your views in the Comments box below


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