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Tablet Consulting – A Good Niche Business?

If you’d said the phrase “tablet consulting” five years ago, everyone would have thought you were referring to an obscure job in the pharmaceutical industry! Nowadays, however, iPads and other tablet computers are selling at incredible rates, and thousands are appearing in offices of all sizes.

Companies need help with how to make the best use of this new technology trend, and that’s why tablet consulting is now a valid and potentially lucrative niche business idea.


Consider the following:

  1. Millions of consumers now have their own iPads and other tablets, and want to connect them to company email accounts and other resources. If businesses allow this to happen in an uncontrolled way, they generate all kinds of issues in relation to data protection and information security.

  2. Businesses now frequently consider issuing tablet PCs to staff where they previously would have issued laptops. These businesses need help understanding the differences between the two strategies and the pros and cons of each.

  3. The portability of tablet PCs means that they can fulfill valuable business purposes that would have been impractical with laptops. In many cases, implementing tablets can bring all kinds of business benefits.

These three points alone prove that there is a space in the IT industry for tablet consulting businesses, performing activities such as:

So, if you’re permanently glued to your iPad and looking for a business idea, consider tablet consulting as an option. Sales of tablets show no sign of slowing, so you should find plenty of opportunities to help companies make the most of them.

Have you considered starting a tablet consulting business? Share your views in the Comments section below. 

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