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Network Maintenance – Five Extra Services to Sell

Network Maintenance Five Extra Services to SellIf you provide network maintenance services to your clients, it’s well worth giving constant consideration to other complementary services you could offer. This is essentially the art of “cross-selling” and “up-selling” and can result in substantial extra revenue.

This simple article presents you with five extra services you could consider selling alongside network maintenance. If you don’t already offer all of them, then there’s some potential money to be made!

  1. Security Audits/Penetration Testing. Companies need to know they are secure from outside attacks and many therefore choose to pay for a “penetration test” to reveal any security flaws. Why not provide this service yourself? On top of the revenue you can earn from carrying out the audit, you may end up selling additional kit or consultancy to resolve the vulnerabilities.


  2. On-line Backup. Clearly all of your clients need to back up their data, and most firms now use on-line backup for at least part of their backup provision. If you’re not providing it (or earning commission from the company that does) then you’re missing out.

  3. Policy Creation. There are various internal company policies that firms should have in place around the subject of information technology: privacy, IT security, and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) being just three of many. You can make money by working on these policies with your clients, and, by creating the bulk of most policies with a template, you can earn money for the same work over and over again.

  4. Equipment Recycling. Eventually, every company ends up with a pile of equipment that’s reached the end of its useful life. Often, however, this equipment has some resale value. By providing a secure data erasure service and offering to remove and recycle kit, you can make some extra revenue—sometimes on both the recycling service AND the resale of the equipment.

  5. Disaster Recovery. Companies of all sizes should have a disaster recovery plan, and there’s money to be made in the planning and testing phases, as well as from selling (or reselling) related services.


What services do you offer alongside network maintenance? Let us know in the Comments box below


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