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What Computer Marketing Collateral Do You Need?

What Computer Marketing Collateral Do You NeedI love marketing my business, and if you're passionate about yours, then so should you. It doesn't have to be a chore, and it shouldn't be snake oil. Your business deserves computer marketing collateral that'll make it shine.

When you start out you have to put yourself out there and champion your business. You can't be everywhere at once and so your marketing collateral has to stand in for you. It has to illustrate to your audience why your product or service is the solution to their needs in their language, but it also has to reflect your brand throughout.

We've established why you need computer marketing collateral, so let's take a look at the types that you're likely to need. Every point of contact with your marketplace and audience gives you the opportunity to market your business. All your communications should take full advantage of this, but the standard items you'll need to work on are:

  • Website Content – Images, Infographics, text, and video

  • Brochures – For individual products, ranges, and your service provision

  • Technical Sheets - Don't include these in your regular brochure; by all means hand them out together, but there's a danger of causing overwhelm if the information is all in one document.

  • Whitepapers – Share your experience, ideas, and constructive advice through papers that are of value to your audience.

  • Case Studies – These are essential for building trust with your audience because they display your knowledge and experience in real-life situations.

  • Flyers – Still a good move for raising awareness of your business

You'll also want to make sure that your computer marketing collateral includes standard scripts for communicating with your potential clients.

And finally, each piece of your computer marketing collateral must fulfill a need or answer a question for your audience. And it should only contain one call to action.


What forms of computer marketing collateral have you found most effective for your business? Share your experiences with us in the Comments section


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