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Make Your Computer Company Slogan Pack the Right Punch

Make Your Computer Company Slogan Pack the Right PunchWhich computer company slogan should you choose? Naturally, the answer depends on your company and what you offer to your customers. You might gain inspiration from looking at how other computer companies both big and small have tackled the matter.

Just One Word

This approach is often adopted by large companies with a spread of activities. Hewlett-Packard is a case in point, with its “Invent.” Samsung Electronics came up with “Imagine.”

Two to Three Words

Blackhawk has “Powering DSP Development.” While not overly romantic, it immediately positions the company in its digital signal processing market. Cingular Wireless chose “Raising the Bar”—not bad, in that the company name already says what the company does, and the slogan then says how. Nokia’s “Connecting People” neatly sidesteps the IT-technology discussion altogether and launches a flanking attack on your emotions.

Four Words or More

IBM came up with a neat and also meaningful play on words—“We Make IT Happen.” JRC however may need something better than “You Don’t need Wires to Communicate.” If you don’t know that “JRC” is the Japan Radio Company, you wonder what in fact you do need in order to communicate.

A Delicate Balance

A computer company slogan is rarely more than about five words. However, unless you have enormous brand recognition, you may want to avoid “concept slogans” like “Imagine.” In fact, the smaller you are, the more precise you’ll need to make your slogan. If you’re working locally, consider making the name of your locality one of the words of your slogan or your company name.


How much can a good slogan do to rescue a lackluster company name? Would you rather have a great slogan or a great logo? Share your feelings on the matter in the Comments section


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