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Computer Services Advertising? It’s All About Questions and Answers

Computer Services Advertising Its All About Questions and AnswersFor your computer services advertising to work well, you need to communicate to your prospective customers that you have the answers to their questions.

Simple, huh? There are just one or two hurdles to get over, namely, what are the questions? And what are the answers?

But don’t worry – you may have more resources than you thought for getting your computer services advertising right.

What Are the Questions?

The people in your business who take incoming phone calls from prospects and customers are likely to have good information on the questions that customers ask, whether it’s “is this software still supported”, “how can I beat spam”, or anything else.

It’s natural to ask sales people, but technicians and receptionists may also be the first point of customer contact as well.

If you’re in a business of one (meaning you), then make a short list of the questions you hear. Check out some of the forums online that deal with IT services as well, to see what is top of mind for people like the ones you’d like to target.

What Are the Answers?

Somebody (you, for example) who has been providing computer services for a while may well have the answers without realizing it.

Role play with colleagues can be helpful here. They take the role of the customer, ask you their burning questions (as customers), and you give the answers.

Recording these sessions and transcribing them can then not only give you good input for your computer services advertising messages, but also be useful content for brochures, newsletters, your website, and more.

What’s the strangest question a customer ever asked you? Or the funniest? Share your experiences with us in the space below.

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