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Why Rescue Geeks Differs from a Traditional IT Franchise

Why Rescue Geeks Differs from a Traditional IT FranchiseIf you’re researching the array of IT franchise opportunities out there, you may have come across Rescue Geeks

Rescue Geeks isn’t an IT franchise in the traditional sense, mainly because you can get involved without paying any up-front franchise fees. The Rescue Geeks operation instead makes its money by outsourcing work to you and taking a portion of the revenue.

What Work is Involved?

Rescue Geeks partners do all kinds of technical work, ranging from traditional IT jobs -- such as network installations and technical support -- to more specialized activities -- such as installing CCTV systems, alarms, and phone switchboards.

What is The Money Like?

The basic rate Rescue Geeks pays its partners is around $35 per hour, but there are specific rates for specific tasks, all detailed on the provider’s website.

Installing a phone system with six extensions earns a partner $250, a 16-camera DVR alarm system pays $500. 

All payments are made via PayPal.


Have you considered partnering with Rescue Geeks? Do you prefer the concept to a traditional franchise option? Share your views in the Comments box below.


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