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Can Colocation Services Keep Up with High-Volume Content Creation?

Can Colocation Services Keep Up with High-Volume Content Creation?For data centers offering colocation services, the marketing game has changed. Content pieces that are general in scope and released without a buyer profile in mind are essentially a wasted effort. The competition landscape has also widened: the data center a mile across town is no longer your only rival for customer attention.

Now you also have to contend with businesses and groups targeting the same buyer profile. They can be local- or they could be all the way across the country.

These global competitors are reaching audiences via social media, inboxes, and blog articles, creating a veritable avalanche of data. Modern consumers can handle an influx of information that would have left their predecessors breathless, so in this respect, it is the marketers that have to struggle to keep up.

To stay on a prospect’s radar when so much information is flooding them, colocation marketers need to design a strategy and system for high-volume content creation. Not just any content, either: otherwise, people will feel spammed and react accordingly. It must be uniquely valuable to the prospect as well as relevant to them at their stage in the buyer's journey.

The Solution: High-Volume Content Creation

Content marketing, which is now a valuable marketing category in its own right, is the process of creating and publishing information to persuade buyers, create new leads, and grow sales. An important element in an effective campaign is high-volume content that includes:

  • Emails
  • Social media announcements
  • Blog posts
  • E-books
  • Landing pages

If they want to be successful, colocation marketers must create and deliver these digital media pieces to keep audiences engaged with a regular supply of fresh content. Marketing automation software can take care of the distribution, but it is up to the marketer to switch their approach from occasional sales and leadership pieces to prolific output that manages to stay relevant to the recipient.

Adjusting to this approach is challenging in the beginning, especially for companies that are unaccustomed to voluminous output, but when properly strategized, the effort delivers high
value at low cost.

Why High-Volume Content Creation is Important

Consumers today are eager for information and knowledge, especially when it comes to a product or service they are interested in buying. Superficial blog posts and general-interest emails are, for them, a meaningless waste of time and they quickly learn to tune them out. What they are looking for is information that answers their specific questions or helps fulfill a need.

Quality content requires insight into what customers want and need at each stage in the buyer lifecycle, so consumer research is just as important as content originality. Buyer personas are a valuable resource for developing this level of accuracy. They summarize the goals, pain points, and needs of the data center’s target clientele, and should dictate the information that goes into each marketing broadcast. When this type of information is delivered on a high-frequency basis, target audiences will continue to notice.

Bottom Line

High-volume content, when published on a regular basis, will build a steady audience. Over time, a percentage of these consumers could convert into prospects and hopefully, paying customers and enthusiastic brand advocates.


Do you use high-volume content publishing to advertise your colocation services? If not, are there any obstacles preventing you from doing so? Sound off in the Comments below.


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