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Comparing West Palm Beach CPAs vs. Boca Raton CPAs

Comparing West Palm Beach CPAs vs. Boca Raton CPAs

When it comes to being digitally-savvy, how do CPAs (certified public accountants) in West Palm Beach compare to CPAs in Boca Raton?

While researching the key players in the region for the Palm Beach County CPA Market Opportunity Report, we set out to answer that very question: “Which accounting firms in Palm Beach County are the most digitally-savvy?”

In this post, we’ll look briefly at the eight West Palm Beach CPA firms and three Boca Raton CPA firms profiled in the report.

West Palm Beach CPAs

  • Caler, Donten, Levine, Cohen, Porter & Veil PA (West Palm Beach) While it has some educational content available and has attempted to segment by role, given the firm’s size one might expect a stronger showing in competitive measures with search engine optimization. Although it’s moderately active on social media, Caler, Donten, Levine, Cohen, Porter & Veil PA doesn’t appear to get a lot of monthly web visitors relative to the size of its firm.
  • Divine, Blalock, Martin & Sellari, LLC (West Palm Beach) Although its website does have some educational content, there’s not much effort being made to personalize by role or context. Similar to many of the accounting firms in this report, Divine, Blalock, Martin & Sellari, LLC is not doing much to compete when it comes to best practices for attracting visitors from search engines. On social media, this accounting firm seems to underperform relative to its peers. And it doesn’t seem interested in generating leads from its website.
  • Harless & Associates (West Palm Beach) This accounting firm’s website has educational resources prominently featured, does an admirable job attempting to segment by both role and stage but comes up short on some of the basics of search engine optimization. Like most CPA firms in Palm Beach County, Harless & Associates’ website gets very few visitors and only makes a very light effort at growing its reach on social media.
  • Holyfield & Thomas, L.L.C. (West Palm Beach) While it makes some effort to share educational content on its website, it only segments by stage, not role. When it comes to attracting visitors from search engines, Holyfield & Thomas, L.L.C.’s website overlooks most of the basics. Neither social media nor keeping the website current seem to be high priorities.
  • JACOBS & COMPANY LLP (West Palm Beach) With little or no educational content, no attempt to segment and personalize by either role or stage, and most of the basics of search engine optimization ignored, the website for JACOBS & COMPANY LLP doesn’t look like it’s poised to compete with either West Palm Beach CPAs or other accounting firms in Palm Beach County. The firm also comes up short when it comes to social media and the appearance of keeping website content fresh.
  • Nowlen, Holt & Miner, P.A. (West Palm Beach) Much like JACOBS & COMPANY, Nowlen, Holt & Miner, P.A.’s website has little if any educational content and attention to potential client’s role or stage. Although it’s not saying much, this firm’s efforts at search engine optimization are very slightly more competitive than alternative CPA firms in West Palm Beach. Although light in social media participation, Nowlen, Holt & Miner, P.A. does at least give the appearance that its website content is current.
  • Templeton & Company (West Palm Beach) As one of the more digitally-savvy accounting firms in both West Palm Beach and Palm Beach County as a whole, Templeton & Company still only does a marginal job with providing educational content and personalizing by both role and stage. Although better than the laggards at search engine optimization and giving the appearance of keeping website content current, the firm’s social media presence is where Templeton & Company really comes out ahead of the competition.
  • Warner & Associates, CPA, PA (West Palm Beach) Coming in with little attention paid to educational content, buyer role, or stage, Warner & Associates, CPA, PA’s digital presence seems to be off to a shaky start. On the basics of search engine optimization and attracting visitors from search engines, the firm will also struggle to compete. While slightly more active on social media than its peers, Warner & Associates, CPA, PA’s website gives the appearance of being overdue for updates.

Boca Raton CPAs

  • Daszkal Bolton LLP (Boca Raton) As one of the largest accounting firms included in the Palm Beach County CPA Market Opportunity Report, one would reasonably expect Daszkal Bolton LLP to have the resources to keep their digital presence at least reasonably current. And by most measures, this Boca Raton CPA firm does exactly at. While it certainly has some room for improvement, Daszkal Bolton LLP is ahead of the pack among accounting firms in Boca, West Palm Beach, and the rest of Palm Beach County. It starts with investing in creating educational content, personalizing by both role and stage, and having a respectable level of social media participation. While Daszkal Bolton LLP could stand to improve when it comes to search engine optimization and given the appearance of keeping the website as a whole current, this firm is leaps and bounds ahead of most of its competition.
  • Gerstle, Rosen & Goldenberg P.A. (Boca Raton) This CPA firm earns high marks for educational resources and paying close attention to both user roles and stages of the buyer’s journey. However, Gerstle, Rosen & Goldenberg P.A.’s website and digital presence are underperforming both on website authority and social media. As a result, it has very little monthly website traffic. Lead generation is unlikely to be happening at any kind of meaningful volume.
  • Grau & Associates (Boca Raton) Right out of the gate, Grau & Associates is missing opportunities to attract potential clients in the right context, as trusted advisors, as its website doesn’t have much educational content and it doesn’t address different roles. This Boca Raton CPA firm also didn’t score well on search engine optimization, social media participation, or giving the appearance that the website is being actively maintained.

So there you have it: eight CPA firms in West Palm Beach and three CPA firms in Boca Raton. In this post, we looked at each firm from the standpoint of a potential client, basically, a stranger who’s never heard of each firm before, and wonders: “Which accounting firms are the most digitally-savvy?”

How do you feel about the digital presence of accounting firms in West Palm Beach and Boca Raton? Are you part of one of these 11 accounting practices? And are there other firms that should be covered in a follow up edition of the Palm Beach County CPA Market Opportunity Report?


Please share your thoughts in the Comments box below.


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