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Digital Marketing and the Old School CEO

It is plain and clear: sales has changed.

Today, the internet affects all aspects of the sales process. Where buyers once relied on businesses to distribute product information, they can now freely access information needed to make an informed purchase decision on their terms--and without a salesperson. 

The internet’s ease of accessibility also affects businesses and their messaging. Plainly speaking, digital marketing is here to stay.

So, what should you do if your CEO is old school and does not think digital marketing works?

Combatting the OId School CEO

Ask your CEO the following question: When are you planning on retiring?

If your CEO is burying his or her head in the sand, thinks things will be easier in the future, and hopes to attract clients into your sales funnel using other strategies, he or she is in denial.

The competition for attention is only increasing. If you do an objective database reality check on what your competition is doing with attracting and converting visitors, and you are falling behind, you are probably in denial if you think digital marketing does not work.

If you are doing your buyer persona research and determine they are hitting search engines and social media like crazy throughout their buying journey, and you do not want to participate, in many ways, you are turning away a huge amount of future sales revenue. Once they visit or convert on one of your competitor’s websites, they become a lead, sales opportunity, or a client.  

If the buyer’s and competitor’s relationship is long-term recurring and revenue-based, that buyer will not be looking around again for a long time.

Bottom Line

If your CEO is burying their head in the sand and looking for the second renaissance of printed phone books, newspapers, and billboards, it is time for them to find another place to hang their career.

The sales process is no longer about interrupting people, pitching, or closing. Your sales process should involve leveraging the new Inbound Sales Methodology to make sure you are hitting it out of the park with all potential clients. 


How is your company addressing digital marketing trends? Is your business using social media to attract new leads? Let us know in the Comments below.

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