Regardless of whether you’re marketing and selling manufacturing software, professional services, or something altogether different, you may sometimes struggle to find the right manufacturing software decision-makers.

The following post is excerpted from a webinar: How to Market and Sell to Manufacturers

It doesn’t matter whether you’re part of a startup, scaleup, or small business in computer-aided manufacturing, ERP (enterprise resource planning), manufacturing intelligence, material requirements planning (MRP), manufacturing execution systems (MES), production scheduling software, or quality management software (QMS).

At a recent webinar, during the Q&A session, I was asked:

Q: How can you identify decision-makers for manufacturing software among those you engage with as a startup or a scaleup? 





In this video, you will learn the importance of recognizing one's lack of knowledge and achieving product/market fit (PMF). 

It highlights the value of accelerating feedback and cycles from various members of the target customer profile and buyer personas.

Identifying decision-makers is described as a combination of art and science, involving recognizing patterns among prospects, customers, and other engaged individuals.

The video suggests using content, thought leadership, and positioning oneself as a teacher to establish trust with customers, allowing for a deeper understanding of their needs and the dynamics of the decision-making committee.

A: One of the most important things to recognize is that you don't know what you don't know. 



Getting to product/market fit is incredibly important. 

And anything you can do with the types of acceleration we're talking about on this webinar is a net win to get faster feedback and cycles from the different kinds of members within your ideal customer profile from the different buyer personas. 

So again, in terms of identifying the decision maker in terms of mapping it perfectly:

A lot of it is more art than science. 

But much of it is just starting to see patterns among the prospects, customers, and people you engage with. 

To understand the buying committee, take the following four steps:

  1. Create and distribute helpful educational content and thought leadership
  2. Position yourself as a teacher, to earn the ability to sit on their side of the table with them
  3. Get out of the vendor box
  4. Find out what's going on 

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 How to Market and Sell to Manufacturers (Watch the Webinar Recording)

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