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How Best to Enhance Your Data Center Thought Leadership

To position your data center as a world-class communicator, grow your business, and attract world-class clients, do not be a sloppy blogger.How Best to Enhance Your Data Center Thought Leadership Do not only blog once in a blue moon and definitely do not solely put glorified press releases on your blog. The above strategies may have cut it ten years ago,  but they are simply not going to cut it today.



Blogging Tips

You should strive to have a helpful, educational blog that serves as the foundation for everything. There is no reason for anyone—especially your buyer personas—to pay attention to your content on search or social channels if your content is not educational in nature.

Think about why you are reading this post today:

  • It is not a pitch
  • It is not a commercial
  • It is not an advertisement

We are merely teaching, helping, and answering questions. However, most data center company websites ignore this blogging method.

When you are simply selling and not educating, many clients become deterred by your company because you are doing it for everyone and they may not be ready to buy today.

It is critical to your thought leadership to create premium content that is so valuable (in the eyes of your buyer personas), they are willing to trade their business card information for access to what is on the other side of the landing page.


Make sure that you segment everything by buyer personas and create content directed toward each buyer persona. CFOs care about different issues than Sales Directors, and Sales Directors care about different issues than CIOs.

You need to know:

  • Who your buyer personas are
  • Where they are in the sales process
  • Where they are in the buyer’s journey
  • The research they do in the decision-making process

Each buyer persona needs separate blogs and blog topics. Buyer personas generally segment some of your social media, especially on Twitter. They certainly should be receiving different:

  • Email messages
  • Newsletters
  • Nurturing sequences
  • Premium content

The above tactics need to be hyper-specialized around their goals, plans, challenges, and pain points.

Does your data center use blogging and premium content to position itself as an industry thought leader? Let us know in the Comments below.

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