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How Data Centers Can Get More Executive Support

How Data Centers Can Get More Executive Support

Data centers should lead with data to gain more executive support. Show how your company compares with various competitors, including:

  • Direct competitors
  • Indirect competitors
  • Non-business model competitors

Remember, once you start going on social media and search engines, there are many companies, organizations, trade publications, conferences, and channel programs writing on topics awfully similar to the topics you want to use to catch your buyers’ attention.

It is super critical not to look too narrow, assuming the competitors we run into during the sales process are the competitors that are going to matter for content; local business journals or industry trade publications could be a big competitor you are up against when trying to get your content found in the right places.

Funnel Metrics

Focus on your funnel metrics, such as:

  • Your lifetime value (LTV)
  • Your cost to client acquisition (COCA)

Do not make the mistake of assuming your visitors are ready to buy the first time they visit your website—a huge mistake many marketers make.

Bottom Line

You must understand your buyer's journey and the experiences your clients seek. Additionally, know who your ideal fit decision-makers are and what they are looking for from your company during their sales process.

Once you are familiar with the buyer’s journey and who your ideal clients are, you are ready to start a content strategy that focuses on your buyer personas’ problems, not your problems.

How does your data center get executive support? Let us know in the Comments below.

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Data Center Sales Funnel Acceleration Q&A Webinar

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