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How Data Centers Can Promote Webinars

As a data center or colocation provider, I am sure you are familiar with webinars. Webinars are an extremely beneficial addition to your master plan for your revenue growth strategy.How Data Centers Can Promote Webinars

People learn in different ways -- visual, verbal, logical, or physical. Therefore, it’s important to provide educational content in different formats for different learning styles. This being said, live or recorded web events are great for visual learners and those who enjoy listening versus reading.

But how do you get people to attend?

Email Invitations

You should begin the promotion process at least three to four weeks away from the date of the live event. To do this, you will set up an email registration list of the contacts that you want the invitation sent to.

Be sure to segment before you send! Include only those people within the particular buyer persona you have created this event for -- not your entire contact database.

When speaking about email invitations, Joshua Feinberg, Vice President and Co-Founder of SP Home Run says, “You don’t want to invite people every day; you want to make sure that it’s spread out. If your webinar is four weeks out, send an email invitation four weeks out, two weeks out, and the day before.”

When promoting your live event by email, the one thing you want to avoid is being an annoyance. When someone RSVP’s to your live event, leave it at that. Feinberg puts this idea in the form of a good analogy by stating, “when someone has registered for that webinar stop inviting them to come. Think about if you invited someone to your wedding, and that person had already RSVP’d, but you kept inviting them over and over again when they already said they’d be there.”

Promoting your Webinar

When promoting your web event, you can promote the live event and the recording. Feinberg recommends you, “promote your landing page on social media. People like to see things visually.” Images can definitely help you on social media. In this case, Feinberg also suggests using a title image or screenshot of your landing page.

Other ways you can promote your web events is through calls-to-action and blog posts.


Are you ready to kick off your registration lists and promotional efforts for your data center webinars? Is it a challenge for you to increase your number of web event attendees? Let us know in the Comments below.


To learn more about using email to promote your live events, watch our webinar recording “Webinar Best Practices for Data Centers and Cloud Service Providers.”

Watch "Webinar Best Practices for Data Centers and Cloud Service Providers" (Webinar Recording)

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