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How Exploratory Sales Conversations Leverage Trust

How Exploratory Sales Conversations Leverage Trust

The exploratory stage should be seen as a doctor-patient relationship. You want to leverage your buyer’s initial interest to develop trust and uncover deeper goals through exploratory sales conversations.

You should create exploratory call-guides based on your buyer personas for your sales team to leverage. Once you do, they should be using those guides during the explore phase of the Inbound Sales Methodology to determine whether the buyer is a good fit or a bad fit.

So, how do you figure out whether someone is a good fit client or a bad fit client? It ultimately comes down to developing and understanding your company’s buyer personas.

Buyers Personas

The last thing in the world you want is your sales team spending time chasing after clients you know are going to be a bad fit.

Buyer personas are not just used for creating content. Buyer personas can also help:

  • Make sure your sales team is on the right track
  • Ensure company-wide alignment
  • Product and strategy decisions

During the explore phase, you can work in your unique product or service differentiators to help your buyers understand how your product or service can help them solve their particular pain points and reach their goals.

Bottom Line

It is all about flipping the tables. No more begging for 15 minutes of their time. Sales professionals should channel a doctor-patient type of relationship where they are listening to symptoms and diagnosing a solution. 


Is your company using buyer personas to qualify leads? Let us know in the Comments below. 

To learn more about the Explore Stage of the Inbound Sales Methodology, developing buyer personas, or channeling doctor-patient relationships, watch our webinar recording on "How to Use LinkedIn Social Selling to Attract Great Clients and Grow Revenue."

Watch: "How to Use LinkedIn Social Selling to Attract Great Clients and Grow Revenue" (Webinar Recording) 


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