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How Identity and Access Management Vendors' Sales Team Expand Revenue

How Identity and Access Management Vendors' Sales Team Expand RevenueAll sustainable growth starts with a plan. Happy accidents are just that: anomalies. For identity and access management vendors’ sales teams, growing a company’s revenue is a task that calls for two important steps:

  • Establishing objectives
  • Devising a strategy for accomplishing each one

Years ago, the CMO Council carried out a study that suggested only half of all marketing professionals worldwide had a strategy in place to maximize growth from key relationships. Since then, the global marketplace has become so dense and competitive that failing to plan is the same as planning to fail.

Use Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a necessary component in any revenue growth plan. It consists of creating and sharing content that both prospective and current clients will find valuable, compelling, and useful. Instead of using old outbound marketing tools like print ads, email campaigns, and cold calls, inbound marketing pulls people toward a brand or product, and has been proven to increase the following successfully:

  • Revenue
  • Quality lead generation
  • Client loyalty

When content is correctly aligned with a client’s needs, it catches their attention, draws them in, and gives an identity and access management vendor the opportunity to convince them to both purchase and stay loyal.

Increase Brand Awareness

If a client has never heard of a company, how can they buy its products or services, share their satisfaction with their friends, and become long-term promoters? Getting attention is a priority. That’s why an identity and access manager’s sales team must work closely with the marketing department to increase brand awareness among its target audience.  

Today’s generation of buyers are adept at ignoring web ads, email marketing, and other direct attempts to get their attention. The best way to make them aware of a brand is doing something positive and helpful for them.

There are three proven ways to deliver value to consumers:

  • Educate them. Find out what questions or concerns potential clients have about identity and access management and answer them in a clear and helpful manner.
  • Delight them. Provide them with information, free tools (e.g. apps) and other useful giveaways that they will be delighted to have.
  • Impress them. Outstanding customer service, online tools that are simple to use, and value-added giveaways such as free upgrades will all impress prospective clients and make them want to buy in.

Enterprises will eventually close down if they remain obscure. Spreading brand awareness will draw public attention, give people the opportunity to engage with a product or service and, if done right, accelerate revenue growth.

Become More Social

Most companies today have some form of social media presence, but success requires the sales and marketing teams to be proactive instead of reactive on Facebook, Twitter, and other outlets. Doing so will deliver revenue-generating benefits like the following:

  • Delivering a better brand experience for clients
  • Strengthening engagement levels
  • Turning potential clients into loyal followers of a company brand
  • Increasing the number of sales-ready leads

People expect a two-way conversation between themselves and the brands they support. Quality engagement raises their enthusiasm and increases their support.

Bottom Line

A solid inbound marketing and brand awareness strategy, combined with active and consumer-centric social media activity, can lead to a sustainable acceleration in revenue growth as well as improved audience engagement and greater brand loyalty. All of these benefits are necessary for success and prosperity in the modern marketplace.


Do you need to improve on your inbound marketing skills? Let us know in the Comments below.


To learn more about how identity and access management vendors’ sales teams can accelerate revenue growth, be sure to watch the free, on-demand “Identity Management Revenue Growth Acceleration Q&A Webinar.”



Watch the Webinar Recording: Identity Management Revenue Growth Acceleration Q&A Webinar

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