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How Identity Management CEOs Lead in a Security-First World

How Identity Management CEOs Lead in a Security-First WorldWith all the mainstream media attention that cybersecurity breaches receive, you’d think that identity management would be a mainstay on CNN,, or Business Insider. Maybe that’s a good thing. Why?

If identity management (IDM) platforms were the scapegoat behind most breaches, their CEOs would be walking around with more bullseyes on their backs.

But outside of enterprise IT, IDM simply isn’t well known.

Seriously, ask even your more tech-savvy friends and family members what they know about IT security. And you’ll likely get responses that include antivirus software, firewalls, passwords, SSL, VPNs, or WiFi encryption.

So given the huge need for more effective IT security, but the relatively low levels of IDM awareness, how do CEOs of identity management software developers lead their companies, their clients’ companies, and their industry in a security-first world?

Leadership, Acceleration, and Identifying Identity Management Opportunities

Most often at the helm of the company they founded around five years ago, the IDM CEO has an MBA and spends a lot of time overseeing operations, accelerating sales – at least with major accounts, and identifying new market opportunities.

As innovation is such a make/break factor in the company’s survival and growth trajectory, identity management CEOs routinely spend time on long-term market strategy, product development strategy, and even some hands-on product management (depending on their company size).

The CEO helps its company focus on a security-first mindset and bake security by design into all of its product architecture.

Thought Leadership at IT Security Conferences

IDM is a relatively new field. For example, can you find many identity management experts with 10+ years of experience? So IDM CEOs are usually highly sought-after speakers for IT security conferences.

For example, you’ll often find executives from identity management providers on stage at events such as

Many IDM companies now even have annual user conferences where their CEOs keynote.

Financial Realities

Besides overseeing product development strategy, visiting major clients accounts, and speaking at conferences, identity management CEOs are also usually the chief fundraiser.

Because so many IDM companies are venture-backed, IDM CEOs allocate a lot of time to raising capital and maintaining great relationships with their investors and board members.


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