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How Identity Management Providers Accelerate Revenue

Accelerating revenue is an enormous leverage opportunity if you can get it done correctly, and a lot of it comes down to How Identity Management Providers Accelerate Revenueproduct/market fit.

When evaluating whether your company has product/market fit, ask yourself:

  • Do you know who your company’s ideal buyer is?
  • Do you know their job title? 
  • Do you know what their company size is?
  • Do you know the company’s location?
  • Do you know the amount of products and services they are going to buy from     your company?
  • Do you know the lifetime value of your buyer?
  • Do you know what the cost of customer acquisition is to acquire another similar client? 

Client Acquisition Cost

If an identity management client is only worth $5,000 over his or her lifetime with your company, realistically, how much can you afford to invest in acquiring that client? Can you afford to have a deeply nurtured enterprise B2B sales cycle, or does it need to be more low-touch? On the flip side, if you have a client worth five million dollars over their lifetime cycle, you can validate heavily investing in the acquisition of that client.

Calling Triggers

The one thing many people do not pay enough attention to is their website. There are places on your website that should indicate where clients/prospects are just starting to research broad-based problems and other parts of your website that should indicate they are starting to check you out to see if you are a good fit to work with them as a partner or vendor.

Websites with services, products, management, and contact us pages are all triggers that prospects start to look at closely further in their buying journey, as opposed to just your educational content.

All of these things can be setup to trigger workflows that can sound the alarm for sales to pay more attention to those prospects which can do wonders for accelerating leads into marketing-qualified, sales-qualified, and opportunities--and ultimately clients.  

Does your identity management business use tactics like calling triggers and product/market fit to support your revenue goals? Let us know in the Comments below.  

If your identity management company is ready to accelerate its revenue growth and learn more initiatives to take you to the next level, check out our webinar “Identity Management Revenue Growth Acceleration Q&A Webinar.” 

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