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How Identity Management Solutions Get More Brand Awareness

Your brand is no longer about what you say it is. Branding is the collective wisdom and aggregation of what others say about your brand on search and social media. How Identity Management Solutions Get More Brand Awareness

The way to elevate and position your brand as different, helpful, educational, thought-leaders and world-class communicators is by publishing helpful, educational content. 

Being helpful (developing a reputation in general), and being super hyper-relevant to the types of stakeholders, influencers, and decision-makers you want to attract is super important; just doing this in and of itself is an enormous way for identity management providers to stand out from a crowd

What’s Not Working?

By default, most professionals in the IDM, wider IT security, and cyber security space talk a lot about themselves when participating in social media.

They tend to talk about the trade shows they are going to be exhibiting at, the awards they won, the new hires they have brought onto their systems engineering team, executive team, or customer care team; and generally talk about themselves.

Their talkative personalities spark a very similar reaction someone would have if you were at a cocktail party and you walked up to them, did 95% of the talking, and talked nonstop about yourself-- it’s a big turnoff.

Allocating Your Resources

Today, people have limited attention spans, because they are always multi-tasking. It is critical your content addresses their problems, questions, and needs.

When it comes to branding, many IDM providers are over-allocated and over-weighted with too much of their resources going to branding at the expense of other things like differentiation, traffic generation, lead generation, sales acceleration, etc. which tends to affect their bottom-line.

Sure, branding certainly deserves recognition, but when it starts to monopolize your marketing and sales budget to develop this broad corporate brand that is supposed to save the day when there is no awareness, consideration, funnel, or deal stages, it is critical that you spread it around.

For example, if you and your friend were sports fans and you both put together a fantasy draft for baseball, and you both have been given a salary that you want to spread around. Now think about building your team-- marketing, sales, or systems engineering team--and your board gives you X amount of resources. Let’s say you have a million dollars to spend. You must think about the key roles that you need, what it’s going to take to attract that A-level talent, and make sure you spread it around.

If 100% of the company’s payroll goes into customer care, great, your customers will be satisfied, but how are people going to find out about you when people don’t know you exist.

Vice versa, if you put all your resources into marketing and sales and you cut tremendous corners on support and customer care, you are attracting new customers, but you cannot retain any of them leaving behind a train wreck for your company’s reputation, retention, etc.

Bottom Line

It is very important that you do not overdo your branding at the expense of other areas. At the end of the day, branding matters most in the final 30% of the buyer’s journey, but your branding isn’t going to be a major factor when you are first attracting net-new strangers and converting net-new strangers into leads.

It is going to be the quality of the content, and how remarkable and helpful it is that attracts prospects, helps them move through their buying journey, and raise their hand to say “Yeah, this stuff is helpful. What else do they have to say?” 

How is your identity management solutions currently getting brand awareness? Is your business favoring one initiative over another? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments below. 

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