Let’s face it. Buying network support services is not an impulse purchase.

There is a considered sales process where decision-makers start in the awareness phase (“I have a problem”), progress to the consideration stage (“Hmm, what are my options?”), and eventually advance to decision-making (“OK, now I’m ready to talk to someone).

Because of the inherent sales cycle length, it’s critical for network support services firms to have a way to build relationships over time with visitors to their websites.

Convert Website Visitors to Leads

Most website visitors don’t arrive ready to buy professional services on the spot. It’s just not how a typical B2B decision-maker goes through the buyer’s journey.

What’s the buyer’s journey that is most relevant to your business and its website?

Do your persona research, and the answer should be crystal clear.

Know What’s In It for Them

No one will part with their precious contact information on your landing page and form until you make them an offer they can’t refuse.

How do you know what that offer should be? Again persona research.

Accelerate the Sales Cycle

If you’re looking to accelerate the sales cycle for network support services so leads turn into paying clients faster, you’ll first need to calculate your average sales cycle length.

Next, learn from your buyer persona research what steps you can take to shorten your sales cycle so leads close into sales faster.

Use Premium Content for Lead Generation

The first key piece of the lead generation puzzle is forms.

But to use forms effectively for generating highly-qualified leads, you’ll need to balance the tightrope between lead quantity and lead quality.

The other piece of the puzzle is landing pages, which convert website visitors into leads.

Big picture: You will need many different landing pages on your website. In general, plan for landing pages specific to each buyer persona and each stage of the buyer’s journey.

For your conversion paths to succeed, your landing pages must be tied to confirmation pages and confirmation emails. So your premium content offers can be fulfilled, expectations managed and leads ushered into the next logical step in the buyer’s journey.

Solve for the Full Sales Funnel, Not Just One Stage

Landing pages with high conversion rates are important but generally pretty worthless if you don’t have enough targeted website traffic arriving at these landing pages.

Call to action (CTA) strategies provide a really important solution to that problem – and help to get more qualified visitors to the right landing pages at the right time.

Focus on Data, Not Hunches

For scalable success with lead generation, you’ll need a good handle on the data surrounding website visitors, leads, customers, and ROI reporting. 


Most websites for network support services are starving for more highly-qualified leads. In this post, you’ve been introduced to six core principles that must be implemented.


Where do your most highly-qualified leads come from? And can you reach your goals from just this source? Let us know in the Comments box below.

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