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How Quality Content Pulls People Towards Your Company

 One of the most important levers to attracting the right clients comes down to the content your company promotes.

There are all different kinds of content SMBs try to put out there, but the ones who are finding the most success are typically using educational content. 

Why is Educational Content Important?

When you just talk about yourself; for example, if you went to a holiday party, on a date, or to your kid’s soccer game and all you did was talk about yourself nonstop. How much fun is that? It is not. Nobody wants to hear someone talk about themselves nonstop. What they care about is themselves, their problems, and how you can solve them.

Whenever you are brainstorming for content that is going to attract ideal clients, channel partners, and team members, it is all about having them land on a piece of your content and having a two-pronged emotional reaction:

  • “Holy crap! This stuff is amazing; I can’t believe I finally found it. I’ve been looking for something just like this for hours/days/weeks.”
  • “Who are these folks? What do they do? What else do they have to say?”

When prospects have these deep emotional reactions, you earn their attention (reaction number one). It earns your business the ability to counteract its natural inclination to hit the back button.

The problem with a prospect hitting the back button is, there is a good chance they are never coming back. What is worse, not only are they never coming back, but because so many millions of people are logged into servers that Google and other search engines own, the search engines know they had a poor experience on your website.

Premium Content

It is important to do whatever you can to provide helpful content to prompt website visitors to stick around for a while (reaction number two) and click links to other content on your website.

Various forms of content include:

  • Blogs
  • eBooks
  • Calls-to-Action
  • White Papers
  • Special Reports
  • Planning Guides
  • Webinars
  • Upcoming Events
  • Conferences
  • Speaking Engagements
  • And More

The more relevant your content is, the more willing a prospect will be to trade identifying information--essentially their business card--for what is on the other side of that landing page.

Of course, the value of your content is ultimately determined by the person viewing the content. However, if you are targeting CFOs of insurance companies who are terrified about compliance issues and your eBook addresses the ten biggest compliance worries CFOs from insurance companies need to worry about, there is a pretty good chance a big chunk of the people hitting your landing page will give information about themselves to download the eBook.

The higher the perceived value your content contains, the more information you can ask for in exchange for access to your content, which is extremely valuable for qualifying leads; often, more information is needed than a first name, last name, and an email to qualify leads.

Creating Quality Content

Quality content gets your business from being perceived as a typical SMB to a trusted advisor. Marketers have made quality content their focus and are always working to develop content that pulls prospects to their products, services, and company. When beginning your content creation process, consider:

  • The questions you get asked in person
  • The questions you get asked on the phone
  • The questions you get asked on social media
  • The questions you get asked in emails
  • The questions you get asked at conferences
  • The questions your buyers are typing into search engines

All these areas are fair game and important starting points for creating content. Your content should be used as leverage to build trust at scale, and (when done correctly) most of your client growth should stem from it. 


What type of premium content does your business offer to help convert its website visitors? Let us know in the Comments below. 

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