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How to Close Identity Management Leads Faster

How to Close Identity Management Leads FasterRegardless of what you are selling, a strategic approach is needed to close leads more quickly. Instead of pressuring prospects into making a purchase, a well-planned approach answers their questions, provides them with information, and makes them want to buy.

Once you have a sales cycle that is compatible with the purchasing habits of today’s buyer, deals can be closed in a shorter amount of time, generating more revenue and accelerating company growth.

Use Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing uses content such as blog posts, properly optimized websites, white papers, tip sheets, webinars, and social media posts to attract the right audiences. When content is relevant, valuable, and answers questions, prospects will broaden its reach by sharing it with friends in need of a similar solution. The ripple effect is only one of the advantages presented by inbound marketing.

Instead of having a company’s sales team make dozens of cold calls, they can instead dedicate their time to qualified and sales-ready leads already interested in a management solution. It is money saved, and money earned simultaneously.

Identify Your Buyers

Identity management solution providers need to understand who their buyers are to understand how to reach them more effectively. What goals, challenges, problems, and pain points do they have? What social media platforms do they use? Moreover, where are they right now in the purchasing cycle?

This final element is especially important. Is the potential buyer merely at the visitor stage, scoping out different options for later comparison? Alternatively, are they ready to buy and need their solution quickly? Each stage calls for a different approach, and giving them exactly what they need can result in speedier lead closing.

Identify Gaps- and Close Them

You can lose potential leads at any point in the sales funnel. To minimize risk, use tracking and other metrics to pinpoint where people are drifting and rethink the approach in that area.

Irresistible call to actions and targeted messaging that encourages them to remain in the funnel will close leads more quickly, and reduce the number of potential buyers who lose interest.

Keep Things Simple

With many distractions competing for their attention, potential leads do not have the time or inclination for complicated solutions. Keep your message clear and simple by sharing:

  • How your product or service can help solve a problem
  • How the lead can acquire your product or service

The easier a solution is to act upon, the likelier a lead is to follow through with it; keep interfaces on your forms, maintain simple landing pages, and do not ask for excessive details. Consider using drop-down menus for customers to input information instead of requiring them to enter a large amount of data—something mobile users will particularly appreciate.

Bottom Line

These are the most important triggers a solution provider can use to influence buying behavior, but are not the only ones out there. Different methods will be more applicable to different markets, so research which strategy works best for your company and your audience.

Once figured it out, master how to merge this gap between what a lead wants and what you are offering to close these leads quicker.


Is your sales cycle compatible with today’s buyers? Let us know in the Comments below.


To learn more about how to close leads faster, be sure to watch the free, on-demand “Identity Management Revenue Growth Acceleration Q&A Webinar.” 


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