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How to Close IT Sales Faster on Your Terms

Buyers no longer go the linear route when making purchasing decisions, leaving IT sales managers to How to Close IT Sales Faster on Your Terms-.jpgreview and re-evaluate their sales strategy. People do not want to be ‘sold to’ anymore; they take advantage of web searches and social media to make an informed decision and then make their selection based on which vendor’s product or service appears to be the answer to their need or problem.

Selling to modern consumers requires a shift in perspective, but with careful planning and a solid strategy, it can be done. IT sales professionals must remember to keep the customer’s needs first and position themselves as experts in their field; the result will be faster closing in sales deals, and on your terms.


Know the Customer

When we meet a prospect, we are hoping to be able to do business with them immediately. However, some studies warn only 2% of first-time meetings result in a sale. These rare successes are attributed to the seller knowing precisely what the prospect wants, and having it available for immediate purchase.

It appears the better a sales professional understands their customer, the likelier they are to closing after their first meeting. This level of insight can be acquired by engaging with the prospect while they are still in the early stages of their buyer’s journey and carefully aligning the company’s offering with the prospect’s needs, resulting in the faster closing of sales.

Inspire Trust

When prospects are considering a purchase, they will visit a vendor’s websites and social media accounts to learn more about the company to get a feel for the brand and their values.

If your accounts have not been active in weeks and the website is riddled with broken links, it does not inspire confidence. It is, therefore, important to keep a data center’s online presence up to date with content relevant to target clientele.

You can strengthen the trust by posting testimonials from existing clients or encouraging them to report their experiences on the data center’s social media accounts; endorsements from satisfied parties can inspire enough inspire enough trust for purchase.

Be Honest

Resist the urge to say whatever it takes to get the sale. If the information you provide to a prospect is not accurate or doesn’t align with their needs, you will not only lose the sale, but you will likely also lose future business from that person and their network.

Remember: coming across as too calculated can leave the prospect with the impression that you are more concerned about the sale than their best interests. Being honest and genuine works a lot better and can close sales faster, especially over time with the same client.

Bottom Line

To close sales faster, become intimately familiar with a prospect’s goals and needs by monitoring their activity through their buying cycle and, if possible, directly ask questions and listen carefully to what they say.

Remember, these prospects are looking to buy. The way you present your company and its services will have a direct impact on how quickly you close the resulting sale.



What does your IT sales team do to close sales more quickly? Do you find it to be particularly effective?  Let us know your thoughts in the Comments box below.



To learn more about how you can close IT sales faster on your terms, watch our webinar recording, "IT Sales Has Changed. Is Your Team Living in the Past?"


IT Sales Has Changed? Is Your Team Living in the Past? Watch the Webinar Recording

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