Segmentation (and its first cousin, personalization) matters more than ever in a digitally transformed world.

And while your buyer persona strategy will definitely help you set and iterate on your own segmentation, many times, you're at least a tad curious about how your competitors segment their customer base.

Without the need for any third-party apps, here's a quick way to size up how your competition sees their customer segmentation:

  1. Visit their website home page. Are there two or more boxes/buttons that lead to pages specific to a certain kind of buyer? (Chances are, if these elements get prime real estate on the home, these are core buyer personas.)
  2. Look at the top/bottom website navigation menus. We're after the same kind of pages, often framed in "Who We Help" or something similar. Again, this telegraphs customer segmentation strategy.
  3. Visit some landing pages and look for forms with contact properties/fields with drop-down lists asking something along the lines of, "Which of the following best describes you?" (If there's a chatbot being used to qualify leads, you can often find the same referenced contact property/field, to confirm the customer segmentation strategy further.

What have you found when you’ve looked for your competitor’s segmentation strategy? Let me know in the comments. 

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