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How to Effectively Reach Your Target Audience

How to Effectively Reach Your Target AudienceEvery year as technology continues to advance, marketing and business professionals are coming up with new and improved methods to reach their target audiences and get their content into the hands of the public.

When publishing content, it is vital that you keep your buyer personas in mind. Sam Kusinitz with HubSpot defines a buyer persona as, “a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer based on market research and real data about your existing customers.” Having a comprehensive buyer persona is extremely critical for business success and brings your marketing campaigns to life.This year’s State of Inbound Report discussed a variety of upcoming marketing channels marketers and business leaders will use. There are several channels marketers can use to distribute their content. However, some channels have proven to be more efficient than others.

Through content analysis, some marketers have found using many different channels and altering appearances of the same content sparks the attention of their audience. For example, if you post a blog onto LinkedIn and it does not get the attention it deserves, you can change the aesthetics of the original posting and/or use another marketing channel where it will get more views-- but always be sure not to stray far from your buyer persona.

So, which marketing channels are most effective, and growing in popularity within the next year? Below, the answers to these two questions are provided.

2016’s Most Effective Marketing Channels

According to Statista, the top three most effective inbound marketing practices worldwide (as of March 2016) included email, website, and SEO. The statistics are displayed in the table below:

Marketing Channel

Percentage of Use





Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Social Media


Paid Search




Display Ads



From the provided statistics, email ranks as the most powerful tool. When using email, ensure your messages do not end up in spam; personalizing your email subject lines and messages is a simple way to deter that from happening. Furthermore, make sure you are providing your subscribers with relevant and educational content.


A website is necessary for any business. With more consumers using the Internet than ever to do research and shop online, your business will not only increase recognition but also:

  •         Gain the ability to display products and services
  •         Inform buyer personas of upcoming offers
  •         Provide valuable content to your market, in turn, increasing your traffic.

Most businesses have websites, and—as research shows us—it is the second most effective inbound marketing tool.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

When consumers search the internet for products and services, you want your business to be on the front lines. Having an SEO strategy for your business online is equivalent to having a brick-and-mortar business located on the main street instead of in the back alley. SEO is important for generating greater traffic to your website and is the third most effective inbound marketing channel.

The Future

According to the State of Inbound Report, the top 3 content distribution channels having the greatest impact in the coming year and most usages from business leaders are YouTube, Facebook Video, and Instagram, respectively.

Instead of written content, visual content and videos are slowly starting to take over and are utilized by top executives. From the State of Inbound Report, it suggests “video dominates the agenda of C-level business leaders. By far, senior executives are embracing video content for their business, with 56% of C-levels planning to add YouTube as a content channel, 46% with Facebook video, and 17% considering Snapchat.”

Marketers today believe that adding visual, video, and even more audio content will increase their chances for succeeding in the future.



Have you thought about adding more content distribution methods to your marketing strategy? Let us know in the Comments below.



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